Beauty in every style

Variety of designs and materials makes Lamo models, and constructions accomodate any architectural design. Collections have been designed to meet the expectations of aficionados of classical, modern or minimalist compositions.

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Would you like a new garden fence?

We design and produce every element made of steel and aluminium. Our specialists will come and install your project for you, at your request. Lamo provides all our clients with a 15-year warranty on all our products!

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Reliable steel and aluminium constructions. Take advantage of our experience, Lamo specialists will be happy to help you with the implementation of your project.

Confirmed safety

Lamo, as a manufacturer with many years of experience, has a number of necessary certificates confirming that our steel and aluminium constructions meet the highest safety standards.

Substantiated materials

At Lamo, all elements are made of proven components from reputable sources. The most commonly used materials are steel and aluminium. Check tLamo's quality!

15 year guarantee

Products bearing Lamo's logo have a 15-year warranty. High quality and durability of the structure are the priority of each project. Take advantage of our solutions!

20 years of reliability

Thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of completed projects - for over 20 years we have been creating solid steel and aluminium constructions that change the lives of many people. See for yourself!

Product categories
Ogrodzenia i bramy
Architektura ogrodowa
Stolarka aluminiowa
Meble metalowe i akcesoria
Konstrukcje stalowe

If you need a fence, a balustrade, stairs or other steel structures, but you do not know how to install them in a given area, Lamo designers are here to assist you. Based on the information gathered, we will create an individual design tailored to your needs.

We will prepare visualisations for you based on your guidelines. our specialists will also select the appropriate technique of making the element, material as well as determine the assembly method. You can be sure that the created project will meet the relevant construction standards. At each stage, you will have full control over our work, and all changes in the project are consulted. Contact our customer service office, and we will comprehensively deal with all your needs.

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Paint shop

We provide services in a professional painting of steel elements and constructions. Our studio and an eight-meter oven allow you to use one of several popular painting methods. What’s more, powder coating provides additional protection against corrosion and harmful weather conditions. We will protect the fence around your home, balustrade on the balcony, terrace roofing and all elements of garden architecture.

Lamo offers the powder painting service, among other elements made of aluminium, steel, brass or cast iron. We use paints of the highest quality, and we offer a wide selection of colours from the RAL palette. Lamo guarantees a comprehensive service that takes into account customer-specific requirements.

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Do you not have the time or possibility to install ordered elements yourself? Our technical team will take care of everything you need. Lamo’s technicians will handle transport and installation, at customer’s request. We have specialised tools and manufacturing plant, which is why we are able to perform even the most demanding jobs.

Our years of experience allows us to resolve even the most unforeseen situations. You have nothing to fear – we will execute the order quickly and professionally. Contact us, tell us what you need, and we will comprehensively do the installation.

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Damaged fence? Loose barriers? Our specialists will assess the technical condition of the structure, prepare a repair plan and determine the implementation time. You will receive all this as part of Lamo’s technical service. A professional manufacturing plant and many years of experience guarantees service at the highest level.

Lamo provides a professional and comprehensive reconstruction for products made from various types of metals. Skilled and experienced specialists are prepared to quickly and efficiently eliminate any defects. The service is carried out while taking into account the applicable standards and regulations. You can be sure that your balustrade or metal stairs are in good hands. Contact our customer service, and Lamo service technicians will eliminate all damages.

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Lamo deals with the renovation of architectural objects and elements made of various metals. We clean and conserve structural decoration elements, gates, fences, metal balcony elements, etc. We have all the necessary facilities and tools required to complete any needed renovations or repairs. In our workshop, metal constructions receive a second chance.

The renovation is carried out comprehensively. At the initial stage, we will check in what state the object is in, and evaluate what treatment is required to regain its former glory. Lastly, all proper security procedures are always implemented. Are you interested? Contact us!

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As a manufacturer of fences, balustrades, stairs, canopies, partitions and other elements made of steel and aluminium, we cooperate with many business partners. We deliver our products to construction companies and developers. We guarantee a timely execution of orders and favourable prices.

Lamo offers a range of facilities that will expand your possibilities. Many years of experience, knowledge and a team of high-class specialists guarantees the success of your project. We provide comprehensive service, solve any technical problems and make every vision real.

Working with our partners, we focus primarily on flexibility, reliability and punctuality. If you are looking for the highest quality service and design, please contact us.

Discover the advantages of business cooperation with Lamo!

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For an architect

Execution of exceptional projects requires a creative approach, bold solutions, and vast technical knowledge. As an architect, you can be sure that you will receive such support from us. Lamo is made up of people who can transform even the wildest dreams into reality.

We are happy to cooperate with architects, design offices, small and large studios. Our projects are present both on huge sports facilities, as well as in offices, houses and residential buildings. The specialists cooperating with us have permanent access to files that facilitate the creation of projects.

We offer favourable terms of cooperation and professional performance based on many years of experience as well as knowledge of the latest trends.

Find out more about our cooperation.

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For individual clients

Would you like to change your home? Do you have an idea, but you do not know how to implement it? Or maybe you do not have a plan yet, but you know you’d like to change your home or garden? Lamo designers can help you with that! We will create a visualisation and technical project for your new coffee table, industrial style shelving, balustrades, fences, partition walls and any other element you’d like.

Our imagination is limitless. After you accept the project, we will immediately start implementing it. You can be sure that together we will create something unique and something that reflects your vision. Contact us, Lamo specialists will be happy to help you.

We can do anything for you!

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