About us

Lamo has been operating in the metal industry for over 20 years. Our steel and aluminium constructions are present in Germany, Poland and other European countries.

The key to Lamo’s success is an experienced team of specialists, a professional manufacturing plant and high-quality materials.

Lamo manufactures fences (gates, wickets, etc.), external and internal stairs, terraces and stair balustrades, furniture, steel and aluminium constructions (balconies, barriers, etc.) as well as interior walls made of glass and metal.

A specialised manufacturing plant and a group of high-class specialists also allows us to provide a range of services, such as the renovation of metal structures, powder and electrostatic painting, metal cutting and much more. Steel is a material that gives excellent structural possibilities.

We assume that there is no problem we can not solve, and the issues exist to be resolved.

Metal balustrades Lamo

Our mission

At Lamo, we focus on the quality of craft and individual customer needs. We provide comprehensive assistance in the implementation of projects, willingly sharing knowledge and experience.

We are not afraid of challenges, and we are ready to tackle them accordingly to the needs of each client. Lamo’s offer is continuously developing, following current trends, while respecting tradition and classic design. We have divided the products into collections so that the implemented projects are consistent and alluring in terms of aesthetics.

The metal industry is commerce with great potential and possibilities. We do not want to limit the creativity of architects and designers, which is why Lamo provides them with individual and engaging terms of cooperation.

When responding to the client’s needs, we act comprehensively. You can be sure that we will guide you through the entire order process from design to delivery and assembly.

We will take care of the durability of the ordered materials and provide an adequate guarantee of their quality.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with Lamo’s offer.

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