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Powder coating is a method that protects metal elements from the effects of destructive atmospheric, chemical and mechanical factors.

Lamo’s workshop has an 8-meter oven in which we dry the various layers of powder coating.

The elements protected in this way are resistant to corrosion, which is especially important in the case of fences, garden furniture, window frames, etc.

We offer the powder coating service to elements made of aluminium, steel, brass or cast iron.

We use the highest quality paints, and we offer a wide selection of colours from the RAL palette. Lamo guarantees a comprehensive service that takes into account customer-specific requirements.

Powder painting Lamo

Powder coating advantages:

  • Saving on paint
  • Corrosion security
  • Solid protection from damage
  • Special protection against chemical agents
  • No adverse effects on the environment

Lamo powder coating processes are applied to:

  • Window and door woodwork
  • Elements of the facade
  • Railings
  • Store shelves
  • Metal furniture (indoor and outdoor)
  • Light fixtures
Powder painting Lamo
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