We are aware of the importance of uniqueness, which is why we do not limit our clients to ready-made designs. Lamo designers are characterised by high creativity – they know how to create an unusual variety of style. We will prepare individual visualisations for you, based on your guidelines. Lamo’s designers will also select the appropriate technique of making the element, as well as determine the assembly method. You can be sure that the created project will meet the relevant construction standards.

We can design both individual elements and the entire collection, catering to even the smallest details. Contact Lamo, and our designers will prepare a proposal tailored to your needs.

Lamo’s designers specialise in:

  • Comprehensive fencing systems (spans, wickets, gates, dustbins, etc.)
  • Steel structures (balconies, sheds, etc.)
  • Stairs and balustrades (indoor and outdoor)
  • Glass and metal partitions
  • Garden architecture
  • Furniture elements
Lamo design service
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